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Tệp WinLockDLL.dll có chứa virus không?

Tệp WinLockDLL.dll có chứa virus không?

14/12/2018 85

Tệp WinLockDLL.dll có chứa virus không?

Q:  When installing UltimateAccess (CIMON-SCADA), WinLockDLL.dll is detected by Norton Antivirus software as a threat. Is my PC at risk?

A:  WinLockDLL.dll is NOT a virus but is recognized as a security Hack tool by Norton Antivirus program. Refer to the instructions below

1. Norton Antivirus software automatically scans your PC and removes the WinLockDLL.dll file.

* Function of WinLockDLL.dll: This module is used to prevent ‘Hooking’ while CimonX is running.
Definition of ‘Hooking’ by Wikipedia: A range of techniques used to alter or augment the behavior
of an operating system, of applications, or of other software components by intercepting function calls
or messages or events passed between software components. Code that handles such intercepted
function calls, events or messages is called a “hook.”

2. The solution is to exclude this WinLockDLL.dll file so that it will no longer be considered
as a threat and Hack tool by Norton Antivirus software. Click Details → Options.

3. Click ‘Restore & exclude this file.

4. Click ‘Yes.’

5. Click ‘Close.’

6. Confirm the restoration of WinLockDLL.dll file in the SCADA installation folder.

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