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Cimon-TOUCH/ Panel PC không nhận USB

15/12/2018 191

Cimon-TOUCH/ Panel PC không nhận USB

Q: USB flash drive is not recognized properly by CIMON Touch.

A: This is because USB driver is not installed.

[How to install USB driver]

1. Plug in USB flash drive. New Hardware Wizard is executed

2. If Touch detect USB flash drive as unknown device, then USB driver must be installed.

3. Go to [Control Panel]  [Device Manager] menu, and mouse right click on the unknown device. Run “Update Driver”.

4. If Hardware Update Wizard is executed, then click “Install the software automatically(recommend)”. Click “Next”.

5. After installation is completed, click “finish”

6. When Driver installation is successful, it is displayed at Device Manage as shown below.

7. Apply “Commit” feature at EWF. This keep the EWF feature enabled, but install the selected program.

After installing a program, go to [Start]  [EWFman]. Click “Commit” button to keep the installed program.


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