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“Help change the world, with us.”

About our Company

We recognize that manufacturing is an important industry for job creation, especially in developing countries. Our world is experiencing a reshoring phenomenon that enables countries to bring manufacturing back home through Smart Factory technology.

CIMON helps factory owners to create smart factories, using the Internet of things.

For over 19 years, CIMON has been working to supply industrial automation to a variety of fields. CIMON is focused on leading the Internet of Things (IoT) industrial revolution.

Rise to the Challenge

The workers of the future will only be competitive if they work smart. Automation does not mean that humans are becoming obsolete. Repetitive, dangerous tasks are now outsourced to artificial intelligence. The workers focus on advanced jobs that program and control the AI.

CIMON helps companies reduce costs and increase their competitiveness.

CIMON is leading the Industry 4.0 revolution.
Rise to the challenge apply to join our passionate team.

A Message from our CEO

“Industrial automation is the best way to take advantage of technology in manufacturing. To become the best, we must always strive to improve.

Our hope is that future generations will benefit from the advances that we are creating today.”

CIMON duties

  • Management Support
    Management planning, Finance, Human Resources, Public Relation, Purchase
  • Factory
    Quality guaranteed, Production, Customer service
  • Research and development
    Software development, Firmware development, Hardware development, Electric power distribution, Development quality
  • Sales
    Technical sales, Global sales, Marketing, Technical support, Design, Trial run

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